Meaning: Total obliteration of a town via military attack

Word is coined by the Nazis during WWII after the city of Coventry in England was destroyed during an air raid on November 14, 1940. Today known as part of a series of attack called Coventry Blitz
luftwaffe dude: coventry has been coventrated sir
hitler: lol
by funeralghee June 13, 2011
Complete annihilation. Has its origins in World War 2 after Coventry was almost completly destroyed by german bombs.
Wikipedia- "The devastation was so great that the word "Koventrieren"– to "Coventrate", or to annihilate or reduce to rubble – entered the German and English languages."
by DonFrye July 14, 2011
The complete and utter destruction of a city by bombing attack with an excessive amount of bombs. Coined by Propaganda Minister Goebbels of the German Nazi Party during WW2 after a bombing attack which nearly levelled the entire city of Coventry in central England.
New Orleans was nearly Coventrated by Hurricane Katrina, but they managed to rebuild.
by d3utschland September 5, 2011