Courtlyns are beautiful people who love to laugh and have fun. They are loyal to their friends. The courtlyn you know is very friendly and smart, but she can have ditzee moments often as well.
Courtlyn is book smart, but I'm not sure about anything else.
by Ebony Levitt March 11, 2010
girl's name for different ways of living instead of the ideal way. Also, another way to say im cooler than being one thing so beat that with a stick.
by Courtlyn April 21, 2005
Courtlyn’s, are very independent and beautiful women. They got a nice personality but is a freak when in the bed. Courtlyn’s usually have very big butts but small tits. A Courtlyn is smart and never cares what people say about her.
I wish i was as confident as Courtlyn!”

Me too”.
by Jesus 420 June 15, 2018
A beautiful girl, blonde hair blue eyes. probably an amazing gymnast and outgoing! Maybe not book smart but street smart. Athletic, always has a smile on her face. Mamas girl for sure. You’ll never see her without a twinkle in her eye. Her moms name is usually Jennifer ;) definitely a confident girl!
Courtlyn is so beautiful!
by Courtlyns Mom September 14, 2018
usually is an douche and is gay and asians highly dislike. rhymes with dorito
rofl wow shes acting like a courtlynn right now
by ya mutha69 September 9, 2010
Courtlyn’s are confident girls with great personalities.They are willing to nock a bitch out If they have to.Courtlyn’s can fight and are not afraid to.Courtlyn’s are bad asses.They are That Bitch.
Girl:Your an ugly bitch
Courtlyn*swings and gives the dumb bitch a bloody nose*
by October 3, 2020
Courtlyn’s are confident girls with a great personality.If someone makes a Courtlyn mad she will nock a bitch our.She is not afraid to fight someone.Courtlyn’s are bad asses.Courtlyn’s are That Bitch.
Girl:Your an ugly bitch.

Courtlyn:*swings at her and gives that dumb ass a bloody nose*
by October 3, 2020