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A browser-based fantasy basketball game. Users create a basketball player, join teams with others, and compete against other teams. There are different leagues, and divisions within the leagues.
Relatively popular, it's undergone very few changes of late which has led to some discontent amongst the user base.

Worth noting that both of the other definitions were created by ex-members who became disenfranchised once they realized that they weren't the center of the CR universe. Both became very unpopular with other users. One's name actually became synonymous with being a spammer.
Insult delivered to an unpopular spammer on Court Rivals: "Are you Tarheels?"
by Hellishly January 10, 2010
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A website that (un)faithfully simulates the game of basketball. Teams are composed of users from all over the world, but mainly in the United States, Australia, and the Philippines. Users are required to click a "TRAIN" button to raise individual attributes. This is a very tedious task, so a certain degree of geekiness is required to play it. Many users claim to be top-notch players in real life, but this a claim that no user has been able to substantiate as of yet.

The gameplay has changed very little since the site was opened to the public on April 16, 2008. This has led to the departure of many notable users. Other users suck up to the administration in hopes they will receive special treatment. A select few users have received Moderator status and are allowed to view the team forums of other users. The administration of the forums is generally viewed as overly strict. Users are banned for the slightest infractions, such as promoting other sites and rickrolling. The userbase tends to possess the same views as the administration and lambast anyone who does not act exactly like they do. The top two posters of the message board no longer play the game.
DMartin: Hey, have you heard of Court Rivals, it's so AWESOME!!!
ACCFan: Are you kidding? Court Rivals sucks.
by ACCFan April 04, 2009
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A fantasy like basketball game on another dumb website. Nerds and unathletic basketball wannabees log in every waking moment to "train" their player that you even get to name! They also get to have all of their nerdy and unathletic basketball wannabe friends to make a "team" that can be "trained" to beat other "teams".
Examples of Court Rivals team names: Lathargic Puma, RimRockers, and dumbest of all:
by Sean Fitzdalo March 24, 2009
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