Coulrophilia is the paraphilia involving sexual attraction to clowns, mimes and jesters. The most likely reason behind this is because of lack of childhood, but some say the attraction is because the person behind the face paint could be anybody that you may or may not know.
"What? You had sex with that clown from the birthday party?!"

"I could'nt help it, i have Coulrophilia."
by Triplexgroovy November 23, 2007
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The proper term for someone who is sexually aroused by clowns. Sometimes called "Bozophilia" or "Clown Paraphilia". Includes individuals that like to have sex with clowns, like to have sex as clowns, like to watch clown porn, like to have sex around clowns, etc.
Necrophiliacs like to have sex with corpses.
Coulrophiliacs like to have sex with clowns.
by Freiheit December 03, 2005
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