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To deliberately cough in order to mask the inevitable sound of breaking wind.

Can be applied almost anywhere - Exams, Funerals, The Office, In the company of your loved one.

Needs precision timing to avoid extreme embarrasment.

*Deep breath, for a couple of seconds*
"Cough" *fart* "Cough".


You need to brush up on your coughart timing, sir.
by tomharding January 09, 2009
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coughart, cofart, coughfart, cough-fart


PRONOUNCED: cough•fart

The act of breaking wind, or farting, while you are coughing. Sometimes associated with COUGHSHART, which is the act of breaking wind so violently that you end up shitting your pants through a fart, while coughing.
David heard Ellie's COUGHART while he was getting high. He laughed and told her she was lucky that she didn't COUGHSHART all over her panties.
by ghost_hunter October 24, 2006
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to cough and fart at the same time. or to cough so hard one farts
i was so embarrased when i cougharted in class today. bobby won't think im cool anymore.
by mribear January 22, 2009
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