An oral cumshot, preferably while deep-throating.
My girlfriend told me that she needed a cough drop...I got it right in her throat.
by Domonic March 21, 2008
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"Hey, I just cough dropped that girl"

"My girl loves when I cough drop her"
by eM-Cee February 8, 2010
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When you stick your dick down a chikenhead mouth until she gag on it.
That assclown chikenhead aint never sucked cock before so i gave her a bangin ass cough drop.
by Alex November 18, 2003
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(while in a crowded restroom) the act of coughing hysterically while dropping a turd in an attempt to mask any embarassing sounds.
Helen: What took you so long? The movie starts in 2 minutes.

Bobby: I'm sorry babe, I was having a little trouble wrapping it up.

Helen: Oh, you were constipated?

Bobby: Nope, I was cough-dropping.
by TheCaseMan May 6, 2010
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When a dubstep song drops so hard you cough
Yo JB wait for the cough drop - R
What do you mea- *cough* *gag* WOAH! DID YOU HEAR THAT?! - JB
*Cough* Oh Yes, Yes I did - R
by Bluh Splaht January 17, 2011
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