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An oral cumshot, preferably while deep-throating.
My girlfriend told me that she needed a cough drop...I got it right in her throat.
by Domonic March 20, 2008
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An individual who has a nasal voice and retarded like mannerisms. A person who acts more important than they are in life. An individual who can't follow the simplest direction, yet gets put in charge of making sure other people do their shit right, even though he himself doesn't/can't do the shit right.

Lastly, an individual who has a slight man crush on Cash.
Damn Coughdrop, what the fuck are you doing? Goddamnit Coughdrop get your head out of the fucking toilet.
by Z Money May 31, 2006
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Adj. To Coughdrop
To spaz out, go crazy, let loose, reek havok upon. Usually used in a case when you are trying to get rid of someone or scare someone you don't like away.
This comes from a crazy girl at school whos nick name is "Coughdrop."
This really scary old guy came up, so I coughdroped until he went away.

This kid was totally coughdropping today
by Caitiln May 30, 2007
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When a dubstep song drops so hard you cough
Yo JB wait for the cough drop - R
What do you mea- *cough* *gag* WOAH! DID YOU HEAR THAT?! - JB
*Cough* Oh Yes, Yes I did - R
by Bluh Splaht January 16, 2011
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