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The process by which you are viciously killed by a cougar in Red Dead Redemption due to it's super speed and double strike insta kill cheap shot kill technique.
Lloyd: DAMMIT!!!

Andrew: What?

Lloyd: I got cougared again... =.=

Andrew: Oh teh noes D:
by Hazard89 September 29, 2010
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being schooled in the art of sexuality & things that are pleasing to a woman by a female at least 10 years older
by curioustiggy February 04, 2010
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The act of being PWNED by an over-sized feline predator in Red Dead Redemption. The cougar has no mercy and once it lands it's first surprise attack on you and knocks you to the ground it may decide to hit you before you can even get up and use a first aid supply, rendering you dead in mere seconds. Getting cougared is very easy. All you have to do is travel ANY area of Red Dead Redemption and you are already in the cougar's sights. It will stalk you and if you manage to kill one, don't relax because you've already been sized up by it's next buddy (or six) hanging back to get you when you let your guard down. Cougars are very real...

...and they will find you

...and your wife, and kids, and your mother, and your father, and your bitch, and your ho and your pimp, and your - *COUGARED*

lloyd (05:57:05 AM): IT KILLED ME
lloyd (05:57:07 AM): -.-
hazard89 (05:57:14 AM): ._.
lloyd (05:57:22 AM): FUCKING COUGARS!!!
lloyd (05:57:37 AM): I'm going to RAGE FAP after this >_>
hazard89 (05:57:45 AM): LMAO!
hazard89 (05:58:05 AM): *dying*


lloyd (04:09:15 AM): fuckin cougars
lloyd (04:09:17 AM): ~_~
lloyd (04:09:31 AM): and I don't mean the sexy kind...
hazard89 (04:09:34 AM): o.o
hazard89 (04:09:36 AM): LOL


lloyd (12:09:35 AM): It's inevitable, WILL be cougared....
hazard89 (12:09:54 AM): I WILL NOT!
hazard89 (12:10:05 AM): I shall strive to be the only man NEVER COUGARED!
hazard89 (12:10:06 AM): >:D
lloyd (12:10:17 AM): and if you don't save more often you'll bite yourself in the ass so hard that you'll take your whole ass off when you get cougared
lloyd (12:10:18 AM): ._.
hazard89 (12:10:48 AM): O_O
lloyd (12:10:50 AM): A man can dream I guess, Hazard, a man can dream -.-
hazard89 (12:10:50 AM): WTF
hazard89 (12:10:53 AM): XD!
lloyd (12:13:43 AM): HAZARD: I’ll show that Lloyd, I’ll never get cougared. Ha! *roams around on horse* ♫ La la la la la la fa la la la la♫ - ooo! What’s that sound? *dies* OMFG D:< *smashes PS3*
by LloydTotallyDidn'tMakeThisUp October 07, 2010
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