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Half cougar, half salmon. During a cold and lonely full moon eve, a mighty cougar from the Pacific Northwest traveled to the stream during salmon spawning season in search of food. There in the glimmering moonlight, the cougar saw a large female salmon ripe for the picking. Just as he descended into the water to make his kill, the salmon peered up from her nest into the face of the cougar, and the cougar was instantly awestruck. Never had he seen such an elegant, beautiful creature. His love for the salmon flowed more rapidly than the stream surrounding them, and he instantly released his love into the waters that connected them. Weeks later a great flood destroyed most of the nest, but a few eggs managed to survive. When these eggs hatched, it was quite apparent that they were not salmon, nor were they cougars; for that night, a creature was created that was as special and rare and unique as the love that created it...THE COUGAN!!!
Forget Bigfoot and Nessie...have you seen a cougan???
by Asspaddle May 20, 2008
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Cougan, there is only one like him. It is a name that reflects: hot, funny, smart, talented. Many want to be like Cougan but it is impossible. But be warned: naming your child cougan will cause much confusion in pronouncing the name in public places. Names like cougar, cooter, coogin, and cowgin are just a few of the mispronunciations.
That kid is hot, but not as hot asCougan
by The real cougan May 22, 2009
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Half cougar half bogan. Constantly seen at Dorset Gardens and over 28's night clubs. Always on the hunt for young men who drive Torana's and were flannys (not trendy flannys, your $10 K-mart kind). Also enjoys Bundy and Jim Beam.
Merecedes Corby is a classic cogan
Keith Raufer loves the cougans
by COUGAN FRIENDS July 03, 2011
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