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|Cot - tam| adj. - Derived from the Latin 'Cottaminous' which loosely translates to; 'utter fucking slut bag'.

The term was used up until the late 1300's which would be chanted by a watching crowd as the newly suspected whore was whipped, stoned, spanked, penetrated, spooned, choked, donkey-punched or scissored.

These acts were performed by 3 'punisher's', one of which would finally carry out the old tradition of burning the condemned slag. Which of the punisher's to do this was decided by the act of soggy biscuit. Except instead of a hob-nob they performed upon the head of the prosecuted Cottaminous.

This was a popular, public exhibition before one whore that was to be condemned - Laurus Cottamus (1642-1691) - rewrote history by being the first bitch to really love this shit. Cottamus took everything the prosecutors could throw at her until they were worn out. But Cottamus just wanted more and more. A sudden addiction lead to a violent rampage, resulting in many deaths and mangled private areas of both men and women.

To this day, Cottamus' descendants still walk among us with similar whore-ish characteristics. They are not easy to spot and will deny any such accusations regarding their slutty nature.
"I wouldn't go near her if I were you, she's a total Cottam"
by Bro Montana 007 June 14, 2012
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