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An alcohol beverage prepared with the intent of sexually/physically stimulating the person you intend to take home. The purpose of this beverage is to increase/guarantee one’s chance of successful intercorse. The beverage may contain a substance to enhance or/and cancel the memory of sexual interaction.
I think someone gave me a Cosby cocktail last night because pissing like I had sex all night!
by Imthejoker December 04, 2018
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This is when you stuff someone's toilet with their hand towel, then you mix in a lot of Jello powder and poo. This is the same thing as a Jello Bowl except you add poo in this one. I would imagine you would want to add the poo torwards the end of the process.
He had some nasty mudbutt when he used my toilet and didn't clean it up so the next I was at his place I gave him a Cosby Cocktail.
by lowteck May 23, 2006
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