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mewgirl is basiclly a sexy and intelligent cat girl. it was created in the 1990's from the word mew and girl.
wow! she is one mewgirl!
by Ava March 26, 2005
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A victim of a widely-spread error: A computer user intends to use an original document as a template, copies it into the Windows clipboard, pastes it into a new document and does the changes. The user, however, does the changes in such a sloven way that the new text still contains numerous elements of the original one, and therefore blurring the intended meaning of the new text. The unmodified elements however should have been changed in order to make the text internally consistent. Copy paste victims often work under a strong pressure of time and can be found in all social classes.
Boss: Please prepare the shareholders meeting minutes. I need them today.
Secretary: All right, boss. Can I use the last meeting's minutes as a template?
Boss: Sure. Just make sure, that you got everything.
<Secretary proceeds as described above: Exampe - Original: "The meeting was held on May 10, 2004."
Copy: "The meeting was held on April 27, 2004(!).">
Secretary: OK, boss. I have prepared the minutes for you. Here they are.
Boss <after a brief study, with a worrying facial expression>: Oh, no, you copy paste victim! You forgot to change the year. The meeting was held on April 27, this year and not last year *grumble*.
by Ava May 10, 2005
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{Billy Corgan, 1967 - )The leader of the band, Smashing Pumpkins (1989-2001). Adored by fans for being a fantastic musician and amazing lyricist, hated by non-fans for a whiny voice and annoying attitude.
"Corgan is fucking GOD, man." or, conversely, "Billy Corgan? I hate that fucking prick and his whiny voice."
by Ava December 12, 2004
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The Best movie in the world! Consisting of Dr. Frank-n-furter, Riff-Raff(The handyman), Magenta(a domestic), Columbia(a groupie) Eddie(an experiment) and Rocky( the creation). Brad Majors and Janet Weiss. Dr.Scott and the Criminologist.
Now that I have seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, my life is complete.
by Ava October 18, 2003
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a word from German origin, originally used in a joke - now used to insult people commonly referred to as mentally retarded. The story behind is this: A desperate couple wants to have sex but has run out of condoms. Having thought about it again and again, they finally agree on using coffee filter paper instead. The woman gets pregnant and gives birth to a boy. Due to the filtering process within the sexual act, the boy when born is utterly dumb.
Hey man, you're a real Filter Tony.
by Ava April 11, 2005
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The middle brother of late 90's pop group Hanson who got his 18 year old girlfriend pregnant and married her before he was even old enough to drink legally in the USA.
Brian so pulled a Taylor Hanson. Him and Michelle are set to get married in a month and she's 4 months pregnant.
by Ava March 20, 2005
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