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To wear one's sunglasses at night or in a darker place where they serve no practical purpose and are used only as a fashion accessory. Corey Harting it has been shown in several scientific studies to have a strong positive correlation with level of douchebaggery. Comes from the Corey Hart song "Sunglasses at Night."
Jeff: "Come on man, it really shouldn't take a guy 2 hours to get ready to go out."
Jay: "Just a second, broskarooni, need to find my shades."
Jeff: "What? Why the hell would you wear sunglasses? It's 10pm and totally dark outside."
Jay: "Bro. They're my gettin' laid shades. If I put on the shades, best believe I'm gettin' laid. The ladies love these."
Jeff: "Shades or no shades, you haven't gotten laid in like 5 years, not counting that skank we paid $30 in Tijuana because we felt sorry for you. People already think you're enough of an obnoxious douche when you don't Corey Hart it."
Jay: "Don't be hatin' on my style. I'm gonna have my pick of any girl in the club tonight. Let's I want a threesome with the Swenson sisters...or maybe I'll bang Alejandra, that new Brazilian model in town? So hard to choose! Don't worry bro, I'll make sure you get the DUFF, HAHAHAHAHA!"
Jeff: "Whatever you say, man. We both know the only girl you're going home with is jill, just like every other night. Just make sure you use a tissue instead of my towel this time, assclown."
by Nicholas D April 29, 2011
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