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Italian Man/Woman's last name, Men are good with the ladies, Woman are attractive. Frantz Axel Cordio;Anthony John Cordio;Dylan Mitchell Cordio; Jennifer Hildebrand Cordio;Nico Giovanni Cordio
Guy 1: Hey look at that hot girl over there.

Guy 2: Dude she's ugly compared to cordio's
by Urban Dictionary Updater November 28, 2009
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One who governs the world around them based on their near-sighted opinions. They are known to live a lifestyle that accommodates their incessant quest for power and prestige. When confronted on the logicality of their actions they often become belligerent in a pathetic attempt to mask their many underlying insecurities. For whatever reason, a Cordio is praised and respected by a majority of those he "governs".
This "respect" most likely stems from sheer favoritism he displays to certain people ; thus the legend of the all loving humanitarian known as the Cordio becomes reality to nearly all who knows him. Those who are exempt from such favoritism see the Cordio for who they truly are; an insecure human being on a unflappable quest for power , all a inconsequential masquerade for his little man complex.
"Cordio told me he liked my program, and then proceeded to explain how plackers are unsanitary and thus prohibited in the house."

"It's just that wearing a hood is criminal behavior, is what it is."
by Mac_Daddy_Tigger October 12, 2011
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