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To keep police accountable through the documenting and filming police action. Also includes the act of jury nullification for laws that are unjust or victim-less.
I have jury duty, I hope I get a drug case so I can do Cop Blocking today.
by NicholsSA September 16, 2012
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The act of impeding or preventing a police officer from doing his or her job. Common examples include flashing headlights to alert other drivers that a cop is waiting up ahead, asking a cop inane questions while they are in the process of giving someone else a ticket, or wasting an officer's time in any way, shape, or form possible.

May also refer to the game of Copblocking, where players "rat out" a cop's speed trap to would be speeders, preventing the cop from giving any tickets.
So I totally slowed down right before we made the turn and missed that ticket -- fucking copblocked that mother fucker!

Yesterday Jon and I went copblocking for a couple of hours. Shut down this one po-po for a good thirty minutes, bitch didn't write a single ticket.
by DPSkitty March 19, 2010
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To stop someone from talking or persuing another person.
Larry-Yo im bout to go talk to that girl over there.

Sam-Naw man I dont think she likes you.

Larry walks over to the girl and tries to talk to her but Sam keeps interrupting the two's conversation.

Larry-Stop Cop Blocking Dawg

Sam-Ma Bad
by Noah Nwachukwu June 23, 2006
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