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Coovies are often known for their bunny soft blonde hair, and their fun personality. They are very popular and everyone loves them. If you ever meet a coovie, make friends with them or be prepared to be mocked. Coovie's are fun to be around and the badest bitches you will ever meet. Although phone obsessed they also enjoy tanning and reading. They are the most hilarious people you will ever meet, and also very agressive and good at making you feel stupid.Also great actors and hard workers,but tend to have a small penis. They often enjoy Perry the platypus, more of an obsession then enjoy. coovie's are a great person to be friends with, and will always make you smile :)
guy: hey did you see that guy make fun of that blonde chick?

girl: ya thats so coovie :p
by 1Dgirlies May 26, 2012
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