A word to insult a person or group of people, used in a sarcastic manner, who believe they are cooler than they actually are.
Gareth: 'Seen those arrogant boys over there wearing chinos and new era hats?'

Edward: ' Yeah, they are right Cool Cats'
by comfy94 August 19, 2011
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n. - one who is just way to cool for the people who think they are so cool/hot shit. besides jen or olivia
Gabrielle is a cool cat.
by gabrizzle February 02, 2006
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1) Hannah and Engy (aka Jane and Leo)
2) Ladsy people
3) Really hot/attractive people - never wrangers
4) People who do aqua-robics in paddle pools

Just really hot people.
Chels: They are such cool cats!
George: Omg they are!
Hec: I wish I was as cool as them.
by some lad December 27, 2007
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