It's the new "cool beans," but it sounds way better. Why would beans be cool? Well, cucumbers would be cool because they're in the fridge. Of course.
Person 1: Dude, I'm gonna hit up that Abandon Kansas concert
Person 2: Cool cucumbers!
by M.Urbany June 05, 2011
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When a guy starts gently kissing and licking at the top of a girls crack and slowly works his way up to the back of her neck. The girl will think he is being sweet and romantic, but his main objective is to wedge his pecker in between her butt cheeks.
Dude, last night I laid down the cool cucumber.
by Petey Jung June 18, 2009
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A person who is far relaxed and never worry about the future
John is as cool as a cucumber, his final exam is tomorrow morning and he is telling jokes.
by Moudyaseen55 April 03, 2015
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Being as a cool as a cucumber is a very hard thing to achieve. One must be intensely cool to be as cool as a cucumber. Cool as a cucumber means that you are one the coolest people of all time.
John was as cool as a cucumber. Everybody loved him because of it.
by Uc0n March 15, 2019
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Someone with a normal temperature, ie, not a fever.
Kid: "I think I might have a fever... I'm really feeling sick."
Kid's mom: "Let me feel your forehead." (pause) "Nope, cool as a cucumber."
by bandcampgirl183 October 02, 2005
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Cool as a Cucumber is a very bold statement. You are only Cool as a Cucumber when you have inhaled at least 100 Cool Cucumber juul pods and then, only then, will you be as cool as a cucumber.
Freshman: "Man, Nick is as Cool as a Cucumber!"
Other Freshman: "No way! When did he hit 100?"
by PPTHEBUM September 20, 2019
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