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The act of while having sex with a female, the male pulls out and just before he ejaculates he squats over the woman's face and proceeds to take a shit while simultaneously pointing his boner at her cheeks/lower chin and shooting his cum all over her face. The result is that the female's face is covered in shit and cum, which she must then lick off of her face. For the shit and cum mix that she cannot lick off her face, the woman must wipe it onto an ice cream cone and slowly lick it until she has eaten it all.
My girlfriend was bitching because I wouldn't buy her an ice-cream when we were at the pool so when we got home I gave her a Cookies and Creamer and that seemed to shut her up for several weeks. Literally, she didn't say a word to anyone for two weeks after.
by Phickle Dude January 17, 2011
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