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The result of getting a chick to suck your knob after you've poked her up the ass. The fecal remnants still attached to your dong will feel like cookie batter in her mouth, complete with the odd peanut or kernel of corn.
Amy had a sweet tooth, so her boyfriend often rewarded her after anal sex with a surprise cookie-mouth.
by Big C October 24, 2003
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The resulting chocolate coloured ring that appears on the lips of the participant of an ass to mouth incident after they use their lips to clean all the feces from the shaft. Reminiscent of all of your annoying cousins after they have eaten your Oreos. The severity of cookie mouth varies with diet, shaft size, and enthusiasm and lip colour of the shaft swabber. Is somewhat contagious as kissing can spread cookie mouth between partners.
I went ATM on this chick last night and she ended up with the worst cookie mouth I have ever seen.
by Amebo Jones March 25, 2020
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