When several people put a cookie in between their butt cheeks while fully nude, (Jock straps ARE acceptable) and race down a field. The losers must eat their cookie. If it falls out, it also must be eaten.

The best technique is to squeeze the cheeks together to insure full stability. This can also be risky, because if you lose it makes your cookie taste like ass even more
cat 1:"yall foolin if you bout to eat dat cookie from yo ass cheeks!"

cat 2:i loss my cookie race tho dode so i gots to eat it! sheeet!
by BC90 November 20, 2010
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When a cookie is placed on the ground, and two or more men stand around the cookie and masturbate. The last person to ejaculate on the cookie has to eat it.
I was the last guy to cum in the cookie race, and I had to eat the cookie.
by kimboinatl November 13, 2007
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Running 100 yards with an Oreo cookie between your ass cheeks where the losers have to eat their cookies from said cheeks
"Freshies line up! It's time for a chocolate cookie race.
by Taintbutter136 March 2, 2016
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A race between 2 or more people where you place an oreo cookie between your butt cheeks and race but if you lose the race or drop your oreo you must eat it.
Tyler lost the chocolate cookie race but I think he enjoyed eating his cookie...
by ROCK_44_ December 17, 2015
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When new players of a football team are required to insert a chocolate cream filled cookies between their butt cheeks and run down a 100 yard football field while wearing a jock strap And whoever drops the cookie before finishing the race is required to consume the ass sweat cookie along with the other losers of the race but the winner is not required to eat the cookie but hey why not it shows team spirit. (in Blue Mountain State this is how Alex Moran, Creg Shilo and Sammy cacciatore are initiated into the blue mountain state football team and for some reason Thad Castle takes part in the race even though he is already part of the football team and he actually wins but still eats the cookie because he's a real ass G like that And to top that all off he's the captain and the best that BMS will ever have.)
Damn did you see that jock strap cookie race last week? Yeah!... It was crazy

Hey I would like become a member of the blue mountain state football team. Ok if you think your BMS material then you need to first participate in the jock strap cookie race. I'll be there.
by Blue lag December 30, 2016
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