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When your talking to someone and they make no attempt what so ever to try and keep the conversation going .
Bro #1-Man , i was talking to kris the other day and the conversation went nowhere .
Bro #2-Wow what a convo killer .
by Iphailuree September 01, 2009
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Words that end a conversation immediatly, due to the other person getting pissed off, or not knowing how to respond to that word.
Yo dude you going to the park?
Asshole way to use that convo killer
by jagamojames April 20, 2010
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Henry: i hate school!

Freddi: truuuuuuu
Henry: yeah, it sucks...
Freddi: lol yeah
Henry: Alrighty.....

Henry: broo, convo-killer much?

by The Adams Family April 16, 2010
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a convo killer is possibly the most evil killer of all. after you write a page worth of shit on msn they will respond with a one word unrespondable answer that leaves you thinking "FINE FUCK YOU THEN" but this isnt it the worste thing about these fuckers is that after they palm you off with a shit responce that leaves you dishearten 10 mins later THEY will say something like wuu2. If they dont do that they aint a convo killer ...they probably just dont like you.
fucks sake you evil convo killer bitch you gave me a 1 word reply now your saying wuu2 DA FUCK you think im up to im on msn i aint out there solving world hunger am i?! you fucking idiot.
by WHU4LYF August 15, 2008
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