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A person that "hijacks" a conversation and "crashes it into the ground" by saying something akward, pointless or not pertaining to the topic, thus ruining the mood of the conversation.
Bob and sally are talking about their day. Then Zach jumps into the conversation and ruins it. Thus becomeing a conversation terrorist.

bob: yea my boss made me stay late yesterday and tried to make me stay late again today. i told him if he did i was going to quit.

Sally: Really? my boss tried to do that to me last week but i told him i had a doctors apointment.

Bob: I hate it when they try to do that.

Zach: Will anti burn cream help get rid of these warts i have all over my hands and back?



Bob: Man.. that was like 9/11 all over again.
by Jose Jose hoseph September 17, 2011
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1) someone who uncaringly and without compassion for others, or respect to their current conversation, daily musings and/or bonding time totally interrupts hijacks and suicide bombs your conversation(very much like a cockblock).

2) A short midget(metaphorically speaking) (usually female), (always a bitch) around 4'11" that just doesnt shut up.
1)Me and my bro Frankie were talking about the game last night, when this girl jumps in talking about how sucky her day was. Damn conversation terrorist.

1)Barbara doesnt let me speak for one damn SECOND!
by Fleepss March 06, 2008
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