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1)getting your ass beat/tackled by a bitch

2)getting viciously tackled into some foreign object out of nowhere

1)Ahahaha, you pussy, Savannah just lesbian tackled your ass

2)Damn I was just minding my own business when i got lesbian tackled by this guy in a chicken suit who was trying to get me to go intoKFC.
by Fleepss March 06, 2008

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1) someone who uncaringly and without compassion for others, or respect to their current conversation, daily musings and/or bonding time totally interrupts hijacks and suicide bombs your conversation(very much like a cockblock).

2) A short midget(metaphorically speaking) (usually female), (always a bitch) around 4'11" that just doesnt shut up.
1)Me and my bro Frankie were talking about the game last night, when this girl jumps in talking about how sucky her day was. Damn conversation terrorist.

1)Barbara doesnt let me speak for one damn SECOND!
by Fleepss March 06, 2008

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1)An ugly bitch

2)When an ugly bitch has sexual relations with you

3)When you get or receive the above

4)The type of pussy that those faggots that wouldn't shut up got last night
1) Man Jana is a swampass

2) You you were so drunk, Jana swampassed you last night

3) Ahahaha, Jerry got some swampass last night

4) Wow, my busride sucked, all the kids behind me could talk abotu was the swampass they got last night
by Fleepss March 06, 2008

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