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An exclusive all girls San Francisco private school, with an elementary school and high school. These girls defy all stereotypes they have been given, and when times get hard, they are as close as friends could ever be. When graduation comes around, it feels like sisters are being torn apart, so it doesn't matter what other schools, like Hamlin and Burkes, or SI or Lick say, because Convent girls always have each other. They dismiss all the names all schools have labeled them with, such as Whore House, or Hoes on a Hill, Bitches on Broadway, and so many more, because they are smart girls, with big dreams. Convent girls deserve more credit than they are given.
"Look at that girl with the short skirt and designer bag. She must go to Convent of the Sacred Heart"
"Ew. She looks like a hoe."
"No. You are wrong! She is a super nice convent girl."
by justansfkid January 30, 2012
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A school located in San Francisco that is full with a background of different people. Not all of the people there are filthy rich, most of them are on financial aid or on a scholarship. Apparently, known as "The Whore House on the Hill" by haters who judge the school by its cover
Convent of the Sacred Heart is full of either nice people or snobs, you just have to meet the right ones.
by Lover478 September 14, 2010
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an all girls high school that is NOT full of sluts and drunks. there may be some of those, but thats the case in EVERY high school. convent girls are smart and confident. NOT all of them are rich or wear designer clothes, some of them have financial aid, just like EVERY other high school. so all the haters need to calm down and maybe try meeting more than 1 convent girl before dissing the entire school.
"Look a Convent of the Sacred Heart girl, she doesnt look slutty to me!"
by notaconventgirl January 31, 2010
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a school located in greenwich, ct where the vast majority of the student body can actually spell, unlike certain students from other fairchester schools who gloat about how "their schools the bestz!" we also know enough not to embarrass ourselves or our school over the internet by writing paragraph long run-on sentences declaring how smart, hot, and fun we think we all are. instead, we are a nice, friendly, and overall intelligent group of girls who will go on to attend good colleges. even though sacred heart is located in greenwich we have a geographically diverse student body, and we are not horribly snobby either. if we spent all of our time fooling ourselves into thinking that we are god's gift to mankind, then we would not be as successful as we are.
"why don't you ever have free time? you're always so busy with school, clubs, and sports. come waste eons of time with us!"

"i can't...i go to convent of the sacred heart."
by nesselrode March 15, 2009
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all girls' private catholic(light) school; grades k-12.
the illest school, with the chillest girls. yeah they got too much money, and live in a bubble, but they can throw it down and got mad style. "conventeers" drive sick cars and can start a dance party anywhere, anytime, so don't be hatin, you can only love em!

universally known as 'the whore house on the hill' by the jealous and ugly.

convent of the sacred heart girls do it better
by not a curran May 20, 2006
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This is one of the most expensive Elementary schools in San Francisco. Whatever the girls say about them being misunderstood is always fake, these girls wouldn't fit in at any regular school because they wouldn't know how to live in a where there are people without money. These girls are also known as the whores on the hill. This is because these girls have enough money to make all of san francisco their own personal playground. You'll never find a convent girl in GOD FORBID non designer cloths, but why shouldn't they be they have the money. They throw big elaborate parties that are not needed at all. Although people put down this school, these girls get into amazing high schools. his just makes the convent girls feel perfect, like they have looks, money, and brains. If you are not tough do not go to this school. GIRLS GET BITCHY they call you names they say your fat, and ur never good enough to be next to the queen bee. if you think that gossip girl is bad, you haven't met a convent girl. These girls will do what they need to to get what they want, they will use you, BUT CONVENT GIRLS WILL ALWAYS END UP ON TOP
OMG did you see what that convent of the sacred heart girls were wearing, if i had that money i'd be looken like her.
by hamlin_burkesforev169 June 30, 2009
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an all girls private catholic high school located in san francisco. full of coke heads, sluts, and girls who think they are hot shit. they drink on the weekends, snort coke, smoke pot, and engage in promiscuous activites. the girls hike up their skirts to walk down fillmore. girls even have competitions to see who can have sex with who first. all in all a very bad high school whose rep is know as the "whore on the hill" and the girls who go there live up to this standard to the tee. i suggest you don't send your daughters there and if you know someone who is there currently have them transfer to a better school such as Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep located a little ways away
"did you go to the dance at convent last night?"
"ya i saw the girl throwing up near the elevator, i heard she snorted coke before hand and then finished off a fifth of jack by herself"

convent of the sacred heart girls do it better.
by juicy77 August 18, 2007
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