Someone who feels that her boyfriend is "her man" and/or property. The controlling bitch easily gets jealous when other girls are around, even though nothing is going on, they are just friends or strangers. She repeatedly accuses boyfriend of being a so-called cheater and thinks of him cheating on her constantly even when they are together. Always up his butt 24/7 and won't let him out of her sight in fears of him even looking at another girl. Gets mad when he mentions friends, girl or guy, because "nobody can speak to him except her." He is her property and she has soul owenership. She always tries to change him, and criticises him non-stop. Nothing he can do is ever good enough because she always deserves better.

She doesn't know yet, but he'll eventually dump her controlling ass because she is the one cheating on him, and he'll find someone actually worth his time and he'll finally find love not manupulation.
Jordan: Hey, i'm going to the club tonight with a few friends.

Gabby (Controlling Bitch): Are you going with any girls?

Jordan: Yes, a few of them will be girls.

Gabby: WTF!? You dick! If you put one foot near that club it's over! And I mean it this time!!! No getting back together after three days like always!!! (she will eventually try to get him back anyway because she wants someone to control again.)
by Cap'n Obvious January 28, 2010
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Mrs.Brady: Who’s in charge of this?
Spencer: Damn bro, Mrs.Bradys such a Control Bitch!
by Liam came November 26, 2019
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When a girl becomes a major bitch after starting birth control pills. She was not necessarily a bitch before.
Guy: Dude, my girl starting taking the pill and become a total birth control bitch!
by AshAnne2412 March 1, 2010
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The 3rd party cheap knockoff controller you make your friend use when they come over to play video games.
Wanna play smash?
Yeah, but I don't wanna use the stupid MadCatz bitch controller.
by the_hoser March 14, 2016
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someone who feels like they need to be in control of someone or something. A person who wants to know what they are doing all the time and inst giving them any space.
Jay: did you see erin and her boyfriend today?

Peter: Yeah she was such a controlling bitch.
by Scoli girl January 29, 2022
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