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A Constança is generally an outgoing girl, she gets along better with boys than girls and although some call her One Of The Guys, they all secretly want to date her.

Constança is someone trustworthy and who can defend herself if needed. She's the definition of a Bad-ass.

She is also known for dominating the Jedi arts. Constança is the only girl who can feel the force and it's said she has Skywalker blood.
Example A:
Person 1: "WOW! That girl just kicked Jake's ass! "
Person 2: "Yup, that's Constança."

Example B:
Person 1: "WHAT?! How did that girl do that? She literally moved the glass with her eyes!"
Person 2: "It's regular, we're talking about a Constança."
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by AkaUrbanBoss June 09, 2018
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Constança, a beautiful Portuguese/or Brazilian name.

When you first meet Constança, she doesn't open up much, but once you earn her trust, she'll never leave you. Constança is the type of bestfriend/or lover we all want. She's caring, funny and smart, quirky and 3nice to be around. Don't ever underestimate a Constança. Constança's are typically the happiest when they're around friends, and they love to joke around.

Never ignore a Constança, and never make her feel like you're the second choice. Constança's are a bit on the sensitive side, but that's because she cares about you!
You're the best, Constança!
by Lunarix April 20, 2019
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