A consolation prize is when you ask a girl out and she says no but she wants to remain good friends. The guy feels like he is not good enough for a romantic relationship just a platonic friendship.

This usually occurs between friends; the guy and the girl start as friends however the guy starts to like her romantically and wants their friendship to develop into a relationship. When he lets his feelings be known to her, she turns him down but honestly tells him she wants him as a friend. At this point the guy needs to do some soul searching and figure out if they can go back to the way things were or they go their separate ways.

Sometimes girls will say this to a guy they don't know well as a subtle cue to go away. However this most often happens between friends and has the ability to destroy friendships. The guy has had his pride hurt and is left resentful and bitter and feels like he has been made a fool of by the girl who he thought so much of.

The girl is left hurt as well, since she feels guilty about hurting him and possibly losing a close friend. However she can quickly get annoyed at him if she thinks he's being immature or trying to guilt trip her into a relationship by acting depressed. Its an awkward situation and requires much tact and patience for things to turn out alright.
John Doe 1: "I ask Jane Doe out yesterday."

John Doe 2: "How did that go?"

John Doe 1: "I got the consolation prize...she wants to be friends."

John Doe 2: "Ouch, sorry man."
by CaptainFSU October 10, 2009
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Not everyone gets to win the top prize in a relationship, but this fact is not always easy to swallow. The consolation prize is the second choice in a relationship when you can't be with who you really want to be with.
I will not be your consolation prize, you need to fall back!
by 5 star chick March 27, 2010
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A prize given to someone who does not deserve/ did not get the real thing, but needs to be acknowledged somehow.
by rackanna January 11, 2011
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Johnny was mackin' this girl something fierce at the party last night, but instead of being a winner, he was awarded the consolation prize.
by dichairBOSKET January 24, 2012
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A woman that you are with because you cannot be with the one you really want. a.k.a. the back up or a warm body
O that bitch, she's the consolation prize.
by your back up January 31, 2007
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A prize you win because you lost. Something that losers get so they don't feel too bad about themselves being horrible failures.
Tony: Hey Joe, check out my first place trophy! Can you say 'winner'?

Joe: Hey Tony, check out my Hello Kitty Keychain. Can you say 'consolation prize'?

Tony: ...Loser.

Joe: STFU.
by Laura Mae November 10, 2007
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Somebody you settle for because you can't go out with the person you really want. It is an attempt to fill the void of nothingness left by the first choice.
Olivia is Jack's consolation prize.
by mcnuggetdestroyer January 11, 2018
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