Hunter called that moderate kid a libtard for not worshipping Trump, what a conservitard.

Why are boomers such conservitards?
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a conservative that is unable or unwilling to look past their own bias and care about others; especially those that don't look like said conservative.
If I'm a Libtard, conservatives are Conservitards.
by Yammit January 23, 2017
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A combination of “Conservitive” and “Retard”
Basically the conservative version of a libtard
Conservitards dismiss facts and logic and repeat meaningless facts to the point were you can and don’t have to debate then
“He is such a conservitard, he called Obama a Nazi just because he disagreed with Obamacare
by Joe Galore April 4, 2019
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A term used to mock idiot conservatives who still hold transphobic and homophobic views and watch "SJW Owned" compilations in 2022. The especially annoying ones tend to spam hate comments in LGBT creators comment sections causing endless arguments. It's always the same people too, and don't be surprised if they're also racist, sexist, or even a Nazi too. The less annoying ones are the cringe neckbeard that seethe and rage when a minority is added to a piece of media they like, a company openly supports a cause or politition they dont like, or some minor change is added to a media franchise they like (like making Luke's face more androginous in the Star Wars Graphic Novels or having the green M&M wear sneakers instead of heels) causing them to RAGE and SEETHE to the extreme making like 10+ YouTube videos just ranting and fear mongering about the "woke liberal agenda" and it just gets beyond annoying.

TLDR: Conservatives cringe, center left eagletarians based.
Guy 1: Haha trans people should kill themselves and Donald Trump is God!

Guy 2: Ok conservitard.

by KrimsonKatt January 25, 2022
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Fox News viewers and right-wing-nuts.
Only conservitards believe that Obama's birth certificate is a fake.
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