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Conran - Handsome, devilish good looks and a winning smile.

This guy turns the ladies heads, this guy turns the fellas heads. He can walk into any room and captivate those present with his eyes. Makes the girls swoon when regaling them with his stories and anecdotes. Makes the guys jealous when they realise they'll never manage to be quite like him. Usually seen in company with Simmons.

Everybody wants to be Conran. He is the epitome of a hero.
1. Did you hear Conran has been up to his usual? Just pulled two old ladies from a burning house then moved their car off the driveway so the fire brigade could get in to put the fire out. Legend.

2. That scary guy with the knives? Conran disarmed him, put him down then called for backup.
by GirlCop July 27, 2014
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A very intresting person, who makes friends easily and is very popular but he doesn't have the balls to ask out girls even though he knows that they like him and they want his tiny asian chode.
Conran Lee
by hendrikverbeek November 14, 2012
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