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Connor McDavid is a Center for the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL. He is the true Jesus of hockey; The best in the game. All opponents bow down to the great Connor McDavid.
Connor McDavid is the best hockey player in the world.
by Ikehylt October 25, 2016
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Connor McDavid is a Center for the Edmonton Oilers. He is a transcendent talent in the NHL whose talent is slowly withering away in that hellish place known as Edmonton. McDavid is stuck Edmonton for 6 more years trying to carry a bunch of overpaid scrubs that tyrannical dictator Peter Chiarelli signed to massive extensions(also Leon Draisaitl because he actually panned out) while trying to cope with the insufferable depression of missing the postseason again and again. God allow him to escape the NHL factory of sadness.
Of Connor McDavid goes his entire career without winning a Stanley Cup, we are agreement to ransack Edmonton and burn it to the ground
by NHL_Hate_Memes February 19, 2019
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