One of the swollest kids on planet earth. He once tried to pick up the Earth and accidentally tossed the sun. Legend has it he won a Fortnite Battle Royale game with 54 kills once, each kill done by flexing his biceps on the enemy, it which led to the turning off of the PlayStation. He called Kyle Faulkner, a Jewish Leader that will never pass his brother in anything in life, a Jew so many times, that Kyle became the God of Jews. If you see Connor, either run, or give him a big ‘ol smooch because either way, your fucked.
Innocent Citizen: Hey, have you met Connor Scott?
Innocent Citizen 2: (in hospital) no, but his fist met me.
by ZeusFuckYou December 2, 2018
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A tall emo boy and only wears black. He plays world of Warcraft religiously and often is described as 'a social regent' by his friend's when taking to 40 year old men online. If your know a Connor Scott he normally will have a 'fat ass' and brown fluffy trim with his goth chains around his neck.
"Connor Scott only wear black what a emo"- Joel

"Fat ass"- Erica
by E011scott November 21, 2021
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