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Connar is a special person that most people don’t get to meet in their lifetime. He is very accepting and easy going to a point. He does not judge and makes friends easily. Athletic and charismatic, he can get his way without anyone knowing he has an ulterior motive. He has a sweet, affectionate side to most, but will hide the body of your worst enemy as a favor unknown by you. Do not mess with his friends or family. Stealth and effective describes Connar in two words.
by Seriously? now? January 16, 2014
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Connar usually a blonde male with green eyes. Very cute and outgoing. He is very sporty all the girls love him but he will only truly love a few girls in his life. He has many friends but get in a quite a bit of trouble. He can be caring and if he picks on you he probably has a crush on you. Connar has a great sense of style and very popular. He can be shy. He is very intelligent and sweet. When he finds a girl he loves he is always looking for ways to sweep her off her feet. He may distract you in class or even anywhere. A lot of people will always be thinking about him. Connar's usually find their TRUE love very young.
Connar is a loveable person
by DEFINE_URBAN May 26, 2018
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Connar; spells his name incorrectly like a full on genuine tosspot, tends to get his arse handed to him by superior players like a Scott.
Connar approached Scott and got outgunned on the new Erangal map.
by PubgPrickSpotter September 03, 2019
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