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A virus or trojan that has a specific way to enter your computer, mostly likely by you being an idiot and clicking on advertisements. However, you have not clicked anything strange and yet the virus is in your computer.
"Aw man, I have another computer ninja! How did I get that? I've been away for a week!"
by Hedgehog Review October 05, 2009
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The Ninja and a computer virus have many in common.

-Ninja from feudal ages of Japan disguised there selves as Merchants, Geisha, Travellers, Farmers anything that would make them look harmless to blend in or any disguised like Geisha, Priests, Musicians that would make it easy for them to get in to an enemy castles

-A computer virus disguised itself as a normal program or a fake antivirus like Security Shield to make itself look harmless to blend in or diguised as an add from the internet to make it easy for them to get in to a your computer

-A Shogun (War general) would send a ninja to steel important information like battle plans or assassinate enemy Shoguns

-A Hacker would send a virus to steel important information or destroy your computer

-The ninja powned the samurai using stealth tactics same with the computer virus powning crap Fire walls or crap anti viruses like MacAfee, Norton, Avast, etc. I know from experience don’t hate me…Samurai were equivalent to crap anti viruses so when a samurai tries to protect/guarded his Shogun, chances of a samurai were 2/10 against a ninja

-The only thing strong enough to protect a shogun from a ninja was another ninja so back then Tokogawa the shogun used them as Body guards disguised as his gardeners.

-AVG is equivalent to Tokogawa's ninjas. If you need to defend yourself against computer ninjas get AVG it's free, search it up.

Dude1: Hey dude im under attack by a computer ninja, But I Have Avast though Im saved



Dude2:dude your dealing with a NINJA! Its a freaking Ninja!!!


Dude2:I used to have avast it couldnt even remove a worm. Only a ninja can beat a ninja, Get AVG
by WayOfDaShadowarrior February 03, 2012
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