Combination of two words, where the first letter(s) of the first word is joined with the second word minus it's first letter(s). Based on the "Portmanteau".

Subject to rules/preferences.

1) If the first word starts with a vowel, a compound word is not possible.
2) The user can include only the first letter of the first word, or a string of letters leading up to the first vowel of the first word.
Ex. Street + Nuts = Suts, Stuts, or Struts.
3) The user can include only the first letter of the second word, or a string of letters leading up to the first vowel of the second word.
Ex. Super + Glue = Sue, or Slue.

There are two main mutually exclusive categories.

A "Prodrome" is itself an existing word, but by sound, not spelling.

Ex. Tall + Boy = Toy.
Ex. Man + Juice = Muice (sounds like Moose, therefore a Prodrome).
Ex. Cell + Phone = Cone (a word by spelling, but not when pronounced with a soft "C", therefore not a Prodrome).

A "Callidrome" is itself not an existing word by sound, spelling is irrelevant.

Ex. Fucking + Cunt = Funt.
Ex. Small + Pear = Sear (a word by spelling, but not when pronounced to rhyme with pear, therefore a Callidrome).

There are 3 sub-categories, not necessarily mutually exclusive of each other.

A "Synondrome" sounds identical to the second word.

Ex. Dirty + Dick = Dick.

An "Antidrome" sounds identical to the first word.
Ex. Cock + Block = Cock.

A "Collidodrome" keeps the entire second word.
Ex. Fat + Ass = Fass.

Special thanks to BJ
Herb: Jeff is a real cum bubble!
Bernie: Cubble.
Herb: Nice compound word Bernie, Jeff is a cubble.
by Bernie+Herb March 9, 2018
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Any object or thing that has two words in it. Only if you are playing Catch Phrase and/or you are drunk.
"Guys this is a compound word," as said by Chantel refering to the word Migrate framer in a game of Catch Phrase.
by Allen Ha December 15, 2005
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When two (whole) words are combined to create a new word with a new meaning.

(This new meaning can be wildly different from what the original two words mean on their own).

Additionally, there are three different kinds of Compound Words: Open, Closed, and Hyphenated.

Closed compound words have no spaces. Open compound words have separation between the two (or three) words. Hyphenated compound words have hyphens between words.

(Closed Compound Words):

Justice- Just, Ice,
Bargain- Bar, gain,
Kidnapping- Kid, Napping,
Grandparent- Grand, Parent,

Babysit- Baby, Sit,
Pineapple- Pine, Apple,

(Open Compound Words):

(While there’s a physical space between open compound words, the meanings of the two words have been combined. This is why they are still considered Compound.)


Cell Phone- Cell, Phone,
First Aid- First, Aid,

Common Sense- Common, Sense,

Real Estate- Real, Estate,

Life Jacket- Life, Jacket,

Rib Cage- Rib, Cage,

Hot Dog- Hot, Dog,

Cotton Candy- Cotton, Candy,

(Hyphenated Compound Words):

Well-being- Well, Being,
Word-of-mouth- Word, Mouth, Of,

Up-to-date- Up, date, to,
Most native English speakers don't give compound words much thought...because we're so overly familiar with them in every day speech. However...Compound words are a great testament to how bizarre (and often hilarious) the English language can be.

Like think about the distinct departure in meaning between say: kidnapping vs. kid napping or one nightstand vs. one night stand, Or what about how we decided to define generational age with words like "Grand" or "Great?" (I.E. Great-Great-Grandparent). We all know there's nothing grand about aging itself, and not everyone's grandparents qualify as "grand" either. "Hot dog" is another little adventure.

There is so much about the world that's wonderful and weird sitting in front of us, but we miss out because we don't pay attention to what's overly familiar.
by Olive989 March 28, 2023
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Example of a compound word:


If the Englishlanguage used more compoundwords:
Compound words
by IntergalactalEnergy August 6, 2023
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