Holding the door for someone behind you; Showing respect for the other person.
by captainrich99 June 2, 2015
a. to be polite and to respond timely to invitations because you shouldn't be a douchebag and say MAYBE to an invitation because you know people have to fucking cook for a certain amount of people!!!

b. to talk to other guests at a dinner party and not avoiding eye contact and acutally listening to the hostess when she says "please sit down"

c. not being a major douchebag
"hey, can you sit down and have some common courtesy for your hostess?"
by kimmywong January 1, 2006
Telling someone when you unplug there phone to plug yours in.
I thought my phone was charging this whole time but Paige unplugged it, she has no common courtesy.
by Truc4 November 20, 2017
That new, amazing album by pop punk/metalcore wondergroup A Day To Remember.
Have you heard the new ADTR album?
What, Common Courtesy, it's f**king amazing!
by Welchy720 October 9, 2013
1. Rare Courtesy

2. The basic level of politeness which you expect from someone in your idealistic world. It no longer exists in this world. Thus, it should be rendered an archaic word because it is extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period.

P.S. It should also be removed from the dictionary because it is no longer necessary in the English language.
Common Courtesy is dead.
by JBMiller September 27, 2018
Used when two gay guys have sex doggy style. The "top" guy gives the "bottom" guy pleasure by reaching round and masturbating the penis. Can be used by non gays to describe someone who has not done something that you would expect them to do due to "common courtesy".

Also, if someone is a tight arse.
Dan "That dude did not hold the door open for me"

Mike "Yeah - I bet he doesn't do the common courtesy reach around either"
by Slackmatt September 4, 2007
1. Courtesy 'Fuck'
2. Hook Up, One Night Stand
Also Known as a 'CCDD"
"Well she's got huge tits, but a manly face. I guess I'd give her a Common Courtesy Dick Down"
by MaverickPenguin December 27, 2008