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Whenever someone comments something stupid on your potentially fantastic facebook status which prevents it from getting any likes whatsoever.
Me: I just figured out how to divide by zero, I've cured cancer, and I was able to FC Through the fire and flames on GH3 on expert mode!

Grandma: I love you, sweetie! How are things going in high school?

Me thinking to myself: ...Comment-bomb...
by Rodson69 September 25, 2012
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In short, killing a comment thread. This can occour many ways. A few examples are: going completely off-topic, posting a very long comment, or posting any comment that makes other commenters feel as if they just shouldn't add another comment. Comment bombs are often dropped by a thread killer.
Bob: "HAHA! Funny picture!"
Sarah: "Lol, I remember when this happened!! =)"
Jared: "I'm sorry, I just can't laugh at this right now. I'm so depressed."
Jared: "I feel so alone... Someone hold me"

Jared just went comment bombing.
by pseudonull June 26, 2009
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To click the post comment button thousands of times to give someone thousands of comments on MySpace.
Suzan dumped me so I comment bombed her 3000 pictures of a fat guy in short shorts. Ha Ha Ha.
by Josh Roxxx May 19, 2007
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A comment on a facebook photo by some completely random person on your friends list that is uncool in every way, shape and form. This kills all conversation that would happen in the comments box, and raises the question to the poster of the photo of why the aforementioned loser is on their friends list.
{Lou posts a picture of Tom and Laura totally wasted}

Mike (in comment): Wow Tom you look great!

Lou (in real life): fuck. Another commentbomb, now all conversation on this photo is dead.
by TheDrMrAaron June 13, 2010
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