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Commando-Style (or to go commando) is the act of not wearing underwear under one's outer clothing. This phenomenon is also referred to as freeballing (in the case of men not wearing underwear) and freebuffing (in the case of women not wearing underwear).

Commando-Style has its many advantages such as the comfort it provides since the restrictive and tight sensation of underwear is eliminated (view is relative to the one doing it), there is greater mobility for the genitalia, and it’s also recognized with playful sexual behavior.

Not wearing underwear is said to have certain benefits. Wearing no underwear while sleeping can have significant benefits to the vulva. It is also said that tight underwear decreases sperm count in men, and it is recommended to wear more loose fitting clothing around the genitals.
Alright girls we gonna go commando-style. Everybody take off your tops.

C-Note, from "Who's Your Caddy?"
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant December 29, 2007
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Not wearing underwear beneath the clothes.
Porn stars go commando style all the time because they don't need underwear.
by Cletus December 20, 2002
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