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A town in the (732) area code in new jersey known for it's wealthy inhabitants. Colts neck use to be mostly horse farms but has now become a high end place for wealthy people to live. Although in the past few years the population has become infected with people from Staten Island and Brooklyn who destroy the towns credability. ALthough these people have hurt the towns reputation Colts Neck is still held up by the people born and raised.
If it wasn't for those large discusting developments, colts neck new jersey would be the greatest place on earth.
by asart June 08, 2005
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A rich town in Monmouth County, NJ, full of hicks, farms and horses. The area was recently a victim of many Staten Islanders and Brooklynders picking up from their hometown to become residents there. Next to Rumson, this is one of the wealthiest towns in the area. The population is predominatly white. Most kids describe it as, "An empty town. If you wanted to actually do something fun, you'd have to walk/drive to another town." The area is said to have a good school system, yet kids seem to disagree. Most complain about the lack of decent teachers and shortened lunches to increase the time for class. There are a few famous persons that live in this town. One example is famous Hollywood actor Dana Owens, who goes by the name of Queen Latifa. Not a good town to move to if you have kids and plan on sending them to the public schools.
"Colts Neck is lacking activities."
"The worst place to move to with kids is Colts Neck, New Jersey."
by Frank II November 22, 2006
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Rich, Boring White town with nothing to do, explains why alot of the kids around here are doing drugs, racing the sports car, usually a beemer, and then getting killed. Local Hangouts sadly include the local resturants (Huddies Inn, Orlands Pizzaria), and dunkin donuts. Note that most kids end up being wiggers, punks, guidos, druggies, or just straight out gay, while VERY few are (like me) normal or loners
In Short, the most boring place in new jersey, even worse than Holmdel... or is that worst?
Colts Neck Kid 1: *Obviously High* Yo Maaaaan... What's up
Colts Neck Kid 2: Shit Nigga, not much, yous dogg?
Colts Neck Kid 3: Yo, that party last night in jackson, fucking amazing, shoulda seen the pussy?
Colts Neck Kid 1: So guys... what do you wanna do...?
Colts Neck Kid 2: Shit, ain't nottin' much to dos, hows 'bout we take 'dat pimpmoblie and goes to Dunkin Donuts
Colts Neck Kid 3: Sounds Good, maybe there'd be some bitches there man
Colts Neck Kid 2: Dogg, yous know 'da bitches be crawlin' all ova at 'da malls
Colts Neck Kid 3: Shit... the fucks there to do around here?
Colts Neck Kid 1: ... No idea man... pass the blunt man
Me: Kids, a word of advice, if your parents ever talk about moving to Colts Neck, be prepared to be bored out of your fucking mind
by Leo Leoheart February 07, 2008
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Colts Neck New jersey also known as colts cock where all the biggest pussies and rich little faggots move about. there is absolutely nothing to do accept blow lines race cars n get killed like those dummass from freehold whose parents buy expensive cars for kids that dont know how to drive. girls dammmm dont even get me started. schools...hahahaha ya some school lemme tell ya if u cant fight or love teachers or even jus to "talk shit" move to colts cock new jersey.. also if you are gay and suck dick colts cock is the place for you
a million acres of land...and nothing to do with it...thats colts neck
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