Being a colorist is a form of racial discrimination based on the shade of an individual's skin tone, typically favoring lighter skin. It can occur both within a specific ethnic group and across ethnic groups.
micheal: lightskins are more attractive than darkskins

robert: hey man don't say that, you're a colorist.
by piikero November 2, 2020
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A colorist is an individual who discriminates based in skin tone. Unlike a racist, a colorist doesn't factor race but uses the tone of ones skin to determine chracteristics about an individual.

Colorist can be tied to colorism

A colorist will assume that a light skin individual is full of themselves.
Saunya: Why are you taking a selfie. You're so light skin.

Yohon: what do you mean? You're such a colorist!
by Yuhanna June 4, 2015
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A colorist is anyone who partakes in the activity of coloring (digitally or traditionally) drawings, inked or penciled, which are typically rendered by other artists. Colorists can either work as professionals or amateurs, and utilize styles that are either very generic or very unique.

Colorists work either for recreational or professional purposes. Recreational colorists usually color for one of two reasons: personal enjoyment, or popularity. Coloring gives those who struggle with rendering opportunities to shine in special art communities without doing what they lack in. Consequently, this is often seen as a shortcoming by critics, especially if the original artists of drawings or linearts do not specifically need the assistance of colorists.

Amateur colorists that are respected typically work with complicated lines and styles that do not identically resemble original character appearances. They also focus a lot on drawings that are not fanart; i.e., those that are not based on characters from existing television shows, anime series, books, etc. The exception goes for professional colorists, who usually collaborate with comic/anime/animation pencillers when they cannot otherwise color their own work.
Recreational colorists tend to favor fanart.

Professional colorists work with whatever they are hired to color.
by Colorist22 June 20, 2011
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To be rude or discriminating about another person's color of skin/hair...etc
Adrian was so colorist to me because I'm so light skinned.
by Bethany Kaay Aldridge July 11, 2008
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showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people due to the color of their shirt.
Sophie and Sabrina are colorist because for not letting Mikey sit with them because he was wearing a red shirt while everyone else was wearing a yellow or green shirt.
by Sophomore Stump August 1, 2018
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something my mom called me since every girl i take an attraction to or went out with were not darkskinned, when in reality i love women too much to look down on one color lmao
mom: are you a colorist?
me: what? of course not!
mom: it sure doesn’t seems so cause it’s men like you that make black women feel like they aren’t enough.
me: what do you mean?? i dated hella black women, lightskin, brownskin, etc.
mom: i’m not talking about them, i’m talking about darkskin...
by sleepingnamikaze July 4, 2021
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(a combination of the words color and racist): (off): a non-white person who is a racist towards whites.
by the rules of ethnocultural neo-anthropology a colorist should also be considered a racist
by Sexydimma March 7, 2015
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