A male skateboarder who has a small penis,and trys to dress in the latest fashions.A person who over uses the phrases "gnarly" and "steeze" to sound more important.
In general this person is a huge asshole, that some say could be gay.
Hey man don't act like such a Collin!
by baaaapeeeekk February 16, 2009
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The most beautiful person you might ever see. He has a beautiful sister named Annabelle.
girl #1 holy god its collin, hes so hot.
girl # 2 ikr.
by hiboiyeet March 20, 2017
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An Awesome Guy to hang out with who is Understanding, Beautiful, German, Shy, and loves his soul mate, Collin thinks about his future way too much and girls go wild over it, but only one girl who his future would be with and her name would be Paige. He is one of those cool guys and hangs out with some athletic friends and loves the Military
Hey is that Collin? Yeah hes super funny and cool!
by tookerc1234 August 07, 2017
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A jerk of a male who enjoys attracting pretty girls then randomly stops talking to them

a dick
Girl: oh hi collin
Collin: hi im gonna attract you then ignore you
by sdfghjklliuytrewesdfghjk123 October 09, 2011
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Collin a swell guy. Collin is shorter than his friends, but he has a big heart. He's got brown-green eyes that match the camo he wears all too often. He's got a kind personality where some people feel as though they want to protect him, like a little brother. He's often bullied, but the right people will stick be his side and defend him. He's also too skinny to hug, but those who care, manage. He's really nerdy, but it's a funny, adorable fan-boy kind of nerdy. He will marry Assassins Creed 3 one day.
Ben: Shut up, Collin!
Rachael: Ben, leave the kid alone!
Collin: I know your trying to help Rachael, but you you can't hug me like this forever. I can't breathe!
by rawr don't fuk with a fox December 08, 2012
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A unit of measurement which equals around 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Usually used to describe a man's penis size.
by agtef May 23, 2008
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Usually knows things about computers that make you go what? Not usually athletic or musical. But is very strong and fast. Has the chance to get a girl but it would cut into mine craft and realm of the mad god. A great friend. Shy at first but can go crazy after a while. Their older siblings usually scare away friends. Gets annoyed easily. Overall a good person to hang out with.
Collin just fixed my computer but, I ouldnt follow any of it.
by Red rocks July 05, 2012
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