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A scam, a pyramid scheme, a lie. Through an intricate brainwashing process, the company tricks college students into providing them with free promotion and labor, and providing innocent homeowners with god awful paint jobs. Even worse, College Works has an entire corporate branch made just to go online and promote the program by posing as satisfied college students. They compose false testimonials and make fake accounts for online forums to argue with complainers and people who call them out. There are considerable chunks of their website devoted to refuting claims that their program is a scam.
Please Google search "College Works" and form your own opinion.
I got an internship with College Works Panting! There were so many rigorous interviews and training sessions, but they said they want to hire me as a manager!
by bottom brick February 20, 2011
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A painting internship located across the continental United States that offers college and university students a chance to learn real life business experience. This internship is not for the faint of heart or those looking to skim the internship surface. If you don't come to work, then you will have wasted your time and the companies. Learn skills such as sales, advertising, marketing, entrepreneurship and communication. As an intern you will be responsible for all business aspects of a residential painting business. An attention grabber for any resume'.
College Works is the largest entrepreneurial internship in the United States.
by bond_boy_11 January 05, 2011
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