The act of passing on an std twice in one night
i caused some serious collateral damage at the bar last night
by the friendly farmer November 27, 2010
sacrifices made for the greater good
Breeze overcooked the Totino's and couldn't wait to scarf them, the burnt roof of her mouth was simply collateral damage for the delicious pleasure of pizza bites.
by Dale Jordache November 15, 2016
Pussy that was not intended for you, but attained none the less, by being in the right place at the right time.
Guy 1: "Wow, i was wasted last night. How in the hell did I end up with sara in my bed??"

Guy 2: "Shit, I'll tell you how, she came over for me but I passed out on the couch."

Guy 1: "Oh yeah thats right, there was no one else awake. Damn, i love getting hit with collateral damage pussy!"
by Hijo De Ricardo December 5, 2010
when you hang-out with a person who is such an asshole that when karma hits them you actually end up suffering as well...
Biff was such an asshole that, unbeknownst to Bingo, he mooned a short bus full of special-ed kids while in the back of Bingo's car... The cop that pulled Bingo over and the judge that sentenced both of them, were understandably upset, as their children were on that bus... Biff got 2yrs, Bingo, unwitting victim of Karmic Collateral Damage got 6 months and now has a unwanted boyfriend named "Bruiser"
by emmettaclown April 1, 2012
Getting multiple kills with a single bullet since the bullet passed through one enemy and hit the other(s). Originated from the military term for unintended consequences of military operations.

In some shooters, this is either completely impossible or only possible under certain circumstances. For example, you can only get collateral kills in Splatoon 2 with charger-class weapons.
In some shooters, certain weapons might still qualify for collateral damage despite having splash damage. For example, the Spartan Laser in Halo qualifies for collateral damage because the laser can pierce through players.

Alternatives: Pierce Kills, Penetration Kills, Chain Kills, One-Bullet Combos, X Birds with One Stone/Bullet
Shortened: Collateral
(from a YouTube video)
Oh, baby a triple! Oh yeah! And that was my triple collateral in Free-For-All.

(custom example)
Would you believe that some player with a charger got insane collateral damage on us?! One shot with the E-Liter, and my team was wiped. We lost that Turf War HARD.
by The_Epicness9000 May 21, 2020