A pleasure so mind numbingly, body shaking-ly, Nerve firing-ly amazing that all orifices on your body ejaculate at once. This is a phenomenon usually seen by a masturbatrix. Or a skanky white girl who has her hymen shattered by a well hung black man.
"yo yo i totally gave it to that skanky white girl last night, courtney."

"ya, was she so stretched that she couldnt walk"

"well, ill tell u this much, her vagina was makin more noise than her mouth"

"wow, what did it say?"

"it said if i dont give it delicious pleasure again, it was gonna rape my empty eyesockets after a group of woodland creatures tore out my eyeballs and peed in my eye cavities"

"Thats straight up kinky nigga."
by Des 'wayne orangejello September 13, 2008