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When a friend tells you a story thats so disgusting you projectile vomit on them...
Bart told emmett a tale of scat, midgets and donkeys that was so appalling emmett yacked in bart's face...everyone agreed it was justifiable vomicide...
by emmettaclown December 19, 2010

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when you hang-out with a person who is such an asshole that when karma hits them you actually end up suffering as well...
Biff was such an asshole that, unbeknownst to Bingo, he mooned a short bus full of special-ed kids while in the back of Bingo's car... The cop that pulled Bingo over and the judge that sentenced both of them, were understandably upset, as their children were on that bus... Biff got 2yrs, Bingo, unwitting victim of Karmic Collateral Damage got 6 months and now has a unwanted boyfriend named "Bruiser"
by emmettaclown March 31, 2012

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The sound a disappointing little turd makes when it hits the toilet water
Dude, I took so much Norco for my messed up knee, that I almost Elvised myself working out a poyt....
by emmettaclown September 18, 2015

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