The simple sexual act of forcing yourself to throw up into another person's mouth, usually in the result of the other person eating it.
I felt sick from all the burritos I ate for lunch, so I just gave Kimberly a mexican cold lunch to help me bust a nut real quick.
by ConfederateFlorida July 11, 2008
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The act of vomiting directly onto some chick's head while she's performing fellatio.
by tnt May 2, 2003
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when a man pisses and freezes his piss into the shape of of dick. he then has the woman suck both his dick and the frozen piss popsicle at the same time until she eventually winds up with a mouth full of piss slush and cum.
Damn, I want to serve that hot bitch a cold lunch.
by Old and Gay May 3, 2011
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To be deepthroated so hard you regurgitate on your partners penis and continue sucking.
I gave Betty a Cold Lunch when I stuck my manhood deep down her gullet.
by tina h. macy April 6, 2008
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when practicing oral sex, the woman sits on the man face and and flatulates on his nose, with a combo of a cleveland steamer
Franny served Joe some cold lunch last night in the gym closet.
by AwokenRebound December 18, 2017
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