A common expression uses when refering to someone/something from Colchester, England
I'm off to see Colchie this weekend.
by timdm2132 October 17, 2014
Colchis- The opposite of Coochie. Meaning Booty-hole, bum hole, stank poon, Or “The Torpedo Locker”. Many people may say Colchis is the home of a greek myth but really it is home of the legendary Booty Hole.
“Hey mum my boyfriend gave it to me good in the Colchis last night”

“Man I really love gettin rammed in the Colchis by nathan

“Jacob can you stop putting your cock in my Colchis”
by PronerBone December 13, 2018
When hood niggas in a groupchat wanna get pussy(also another word for coochie)
My boy brian was trying to give Mohammed some colchis from his girl
by Colchis January 20, 2020