A beast of a word used by gangsters to describe anything legitimate. Synonym of legitimate, but more legendary.
Steve: Have you seen the new Cheech and Chong movie?
Gangster: Obviously, it's soooo coge.
by Bobbythehummer May 26, 2019
I was fucking this girl up the ass, and right as I pulled out, she coged on me.
by GGGG Sharpe January 15, 2008
Going to eat at Gonzaga University's dining hall, the COG, because you don't have many options at the moment. Sub-par food that isn't great but isn't bad either, it depends on the day. Where most students go when their flex runs out.
Guy A - Hey man, do you want to go to Panda for dinner?

Guy B - Sorry, I have no more flex. I'm going to be COGing it tonight.
by cog-master April 19, 2011