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The feeling a programmer has towards another programmer (or team) when working with their shoddy code.
This poorly designed application is giving me code rage: I'm supposed to add these three features by next week, but I still can't make heads or tails of their clusterfuck of code. If I meet the guys who made this, I'm going to kill them.
by Agrona November 10, 2007
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The sate of mind unique to programmers who have an inexplicable bug.
The symptoms:
One may spot a programmer experiencing code rage by the rictus of contorted disgust on their pallid, cater-pocked face, bloodshot eyes reflecting the hellish glare of the monitor.
Code ragees are not rational beings, and are liable to display acts of egregious cruelty and barbarism to those over whom they have dominion.
That is to say, insects and risible fantasy characters from Risk.

The cure:
i) The bug is located and neutered. An inflatedly jubilant sense of one's computational prowess in the face of seemingly irrepugnable difficulty finally gives way to nirvana.
ii) In the absence of a solution, eventually a sense of resigned calmness settles uneasily on the over-burdened shoulders of the poor wretch. Time is a great healer, but the programmer will never be quite the same again. There is a crushing realization that in the epic battle between will-power and won't-power, incompetence won the day.
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An event of coding frantically without distraction in order to meet a deadline or please impatient clients in a short period of time.
Developer 1: "This project is due at the end of the day and it's already noon."

Developer 2: "Code Rage?"

Developer: "Code Rage!"
by mronetwo September 26, 2013
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