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Cockstick: (Noun, Verb)

Refers to an individual who is rude or inconsiderate at the expense of others, often without regard.

Generally this word is used to describe certain behaviors while driving and the people who engage in them.

A Cockstick might "cockstick" others in a variety of ways by doing things such as "cocksticking" their way into your lane of traffic or "cocksticking" you at a red light by turning across multiple lanes of traffic.

The phrase was coined in the early 19th century during the horse and buggy days of transportation by a Irishman who was upset at an individual for cutting his carriage off at a crossroads in order to park on the opposite side of the street. Instead of waiting for the Irishman to pass, as he should have, he instead decided that his need to park on that side of the street overrided common courtesy, basic human decency, or even traffic laws.

Instead of yelling out "You motherless cocksucker!" as the Irishman normally would have done, it suddenly dawned on him that the rude man in question had performed a veritable replacement for surprise anal sex in vehicular form. Thus, the Irishman quickly came up with the phrase "cockstick" to imply that the man was a cock who "stuck" him by surprise and much to his anger and dismay.

Today this term is widely used in bouts of roadrage and thanks to some quick thinking by an Irishman (who was undoubtedly drunk, as they always are) we now have a proper term for these lowlife, degenerate scum.
Someone who, when you are stopped at a light, will try to squeeze in through you in order to turn, against the flow of traffic.

Someone who, when they see a one-lane road ahead for any reason: construction, accident, or sinkhole (for example) will continue in the wrong lane until the last possible inch in order to cut ahead of everyone else who merged when they should have.

These sons of bitches are both cockstickers of the highest order.
by Cockstick "Jones" McGee July 16, 2008
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An insult often used to describe someone who is both "smart like a stick" and the proverbial cock. This generically defines one who is overtly mean and malicious in his/her attitude but does not have the intellectual backing to have any authority in any realm of life and its works. Cockstick.
That guy is such a cockstick
by Gumper April 05, 2006
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any phallus-resembling object

slang used to offend/slander a person, whereby they are compared to any phallus-resembling object
this corn dog is such a cock stick
by ilixsmith July 22, 2011
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