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During the act of sex at a beach or a sandy scene wheredy the boy will dip his penis in the sand and then continue to viciously pentrate her.
Scotty B: Easy bruv how'd last night go?
Bez: Yeah blood tight!
Scotty B: Give me the 411 on that shit
Bez: Took that biatch down to the beach and left her sandy, yo know gave her the old Sahara treatment. Cocksander ain't I
Scotty: Respect Man
Bez: Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Scotty B: What was she like after
Bez: The bitch had sand in her pussy about it

(Also use: Saharad, Fiscalled, Sandy, Sandied, Gobid, Kalaharid, Coloradoed, Shipwrecked, Gritted)
by FizzlePizzleDizzle May 14, 2006
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